Having seen 15 out of the 20 current shows I believe it is safe to call myself a Cirque veteran. What I enjoy the most out of each show is seeing how they can push themselves with each new show in terms of acts, costumes, characters, etc.

OVO, the newest touring show from Cirque du Soleil, succeeds in each area. The premise of the show is simple. A day in the life of a group of bugs with all their frenzied excitement until a new bug arrives carrying a mysterious egg. The bug takes a liking to a certain member of the group and the feeling is mutual.

The costumes were amazing works of art once again. Sitting up close I was able to notice less of the traditional tight fabric and more of what seemed to be a shell or skin reflecting the insect characters. Some parts of the costumes were removable so the performers could perform their required acts but they all looked like exotic bugs in a field somewhere.

The acts themselves were a wild mixture of old and new with something for everyone in attendance. For the adults there was a subtle eroticism in the pole balancing and flying ropes. The children were enthralled by the costumed characters, the antics of the ants during the foot juggling, and the blossoming love interwoven with the antics of the clowns.

Traditional acts such as the loose wire and the flying act had their envelopes pushed into new realms. Balancing and contortion had changes as well with the addition of an all female balancing group and a spider web addition to the stage which set the backdrop for contortion.

But the best was saved for last when the massive rock wall which served as the backdrop for the stage came into play. It is safe to say that you will not look at a rock climbing wall in the same way again.

One of the biggest changes was the addition of more dancing, taking the place of traditional clowning after a particularly intense act in order to lighten the mood and prepare the audience for the next act.

Aromas were also used to enhance the overall experience. Damp earth to start (a morning dew?) and flowers later on.

The music took on a new approach as well with the musicians themselves taking a more active role in the performance on a couple of occasions stepping out from their traditional area.

There were a number of acts which generated a complete ‘wow’ factor leaving you wondering how much practice, care, trust, and lack of fear went into the creation of the show.

OVO is an excellent addition to Cirque du Soleil’s touring group in which they reinvent themselves once again and push the envelope of their shows on all fronts.